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The Ultimate Mattress Size Guide

— by Sealy on Jun 14, 2022

You’ve done it – you shopped for weeks looking for the perfect mattress, choosing the ideal feel and model. The last step? Deciding which size to get. There are several factors to consider when making your selection, including the available space in your bedroom and who will be sharing your bed. With so many size options on the market, we’ve created a comprehensive size guide to help you choose the best mattress for your space.


Starting with the smallest bed size, a twin bed measures 38" x 75". This compact size makes a twin ideal for single sleepers or children stepping up from a toddler mattress. With its petite size, a twin is perfect for smaller spaces like kids rooms, studio apartments, or dorm rooms. In terms of room size, 7' x 10' is a great option for this bed – or 10' x 10' for two twins.

Ideal for: Children, single sleepers, compact spaces

a small cartoon child in bed with his teddy bear on a twin size mattress

Twin Long

Also known as a Twin XL, as the name suggests, a twin long measures slightly larger when compared to a standard twin at 38" X 80". With an extra 5 inches in length, this size is perfect for taller individuals or those who seem to shift down the bed as they sleep. A twin long is still great for those in more compact spaces, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. Like the twin size, a 7' x 10' room would best suit this mattress.

Ideal for: Single adults, taller teens, compact spaces

one cartoon person in bed with a cat on a twin XL mattress


Or ‘Double’ as it’s also commonly known, a full mattress measures 54" x 75". Full size is a perfect option for children or single sleepers who desire more room, or who sleep with a child or pet. Additionally, couples who enjoy sleeping in closer quarters may prefer a full. This size is a perfect option for guest rooms and is also a common size for pullout couches or futons. When considering a full-size mattress for your space, rooms that measure at least 10' x 12' are recommended.

Ideal for: Cuddle couples, single sleepers with a pet or child, guest rooms

one cartoon person and cat in bed on a full size mattress


The queen reigns supreme as the most popular mattress option available. Measuring 60" x 80", this size allows for a variety of sleeper combinations. A queen is often preferred by single sleepers and those who share their bed with pets or partners. This size is frequently the star of the primary bedroom – but works best in a 10' x 10' to 10' x 14' space. Don’t forget to account for other furniture pieces in the room and how much clearance you’d like around the bed.

Ideal for: Couples, single sleepers with pets, primary bedrooms

cartoon couple asleep in bed on a queen size mattress with cat at their feet


Measuring 76" x 80", a king mattress is ideal for couples who desire extra space or who sleep with a sizable pet. Longer and wider than a queen, a king will provide plenty of room for relaxation and for those who desire to sprawl out during the night. Fun fact: two twin long mattresses can be placed together to form a split king, still measuring 76" x 80". The benefit? A split king mattress is perfect for individuals who may desire a different feel option on each side of the mattress, or for those who pair the split king with an adjustable base. One person can be elevated and watch television while the other sleeps lying flat. A recommended room size of 10' x 12' to 13' x 13' is ideal for this mattress, depending on your desired furniture layout and walkaround space.

Ideal for: Couples, couples sleeping with pets, primary bedrooms

two cartoon people asleep in bed with dog and cat on king mattress

two cartoon people asleep in bed with dog and cat on split king mattress

California King

Also called a Cal King, it’s the longest mattress on the market at 72" x 84". But while it may be longer, it’s narrower compared to a standard king – roughly 4 inches smaller. With its generous length, a California King is perfect for taller sleepers, especially those over 6 feet. Additionally, couples who prefer extra room or who tend to move throughout the night, or those who sleep with pets, will enjoy all this size has to offer. You’ll want to consider room dimensions and shape when looking at a California King – ideally, a room should be at least 12' x 12' to 14' x 12' depending on the layout.

Ideal for: Couples seeking extra room, tall sleepers, couples sleeping with pets, larger primary bedrooms

two animated people with dog and cat on california king mattress

two cartoon people asleep in bed on a split cal king mattress with dog and cat

To ensure your new mattress fits perfectly in your home, and complements your sleep style, be sure to determine the perfect size before you purchase!

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