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— by Sealy on Aug 3, 2022

We recognize the importance of making intentional, conscious efforts to contribute to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Designed for pure comfort, our Sealy® Naturals™ mattresses combine ethically sourced and sustainable materials with the comfort and quality customers expect from us.

A Naturals mattress on a bed frame in a styled room with wood paneled walls

The Naturals line will be available in a firm, medium and soft feel.


Eco-Friendly Cover

The top cover of our Sealy® Naturals™ Collection features organic cotton that is responsibly farmed and manufactured. This allows the cotton to be free of harsh chemicals and dyes that can otherwise be present in non-organic cotton. Additionally, the cover is constructed of natural hemp and modal – a lightweight, plant-based fiber designed to wick away moisture and help keep you comfortable throughout the night. The natural wool blend also included in the top panel acts as a natural flame retardant, reducing the use of other synthetic materials.

100% Natural Latex

Sealy® Naturals™ mattresses feature latex that is not only sustainably sourced but also entirely biodegradable. We harvest the latex from unique trees that remain unharmed during the process and can continuously produce latex for 20 years. Rigorous guidelines ensure the latex we use is always responsibly sourced.

But why make a mattress with latex? Latex responds instantly to your unique body contours and provides instantaneous recovery as you adjust or get out of bed – resulting in quicker conformance to your body and pressure relief. Latex also has a unique pinhole design and open cell structure, offering breathability through air circulation. Because of this, latex is naturally heat and water-resistant.

Hand-Tufted Construction

Every Sealy® Naturals™ mattress is hand-tufted to ensure long-lasting durability. These tufts also allow us to use the least amount of glue possible, reducing glue usage by 65% compared to a mattress with no tufting. Plus, less glue = fewer chemicals.


When designing the Sealy® Naturals™ line, we wanted to ensure that support and dependability wouldn't be compromised. Like our other innerspring models, the mattresses feature DuraFlex™ Pro Edge coils to help the mattress keep its shape for years to come. We also included a breathable coil layer with added airflow to help keep you cool and comfortable all night long; this layer also increases support and durability along the edges of the bed. Response Pro HD Encased Coils – a densely packed system of durable, individually wrapped springs – is the next component in ensuring the structure of your mattress, along with whole-body support. We construct all coil systems using recycled steel.

A Trusted Night’s Sleep – GreenGuard Gold Certified

Our Sealy® Naturals™ mattresses meet the world’s most stringent emissions standards, which limit the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, and ozone emitted during the production of the mattress and help to reduce ozone layer destruction and improve indoor and global air quality.

GreenGuard Gold Certification means that samples were tested and certified by UL Solutions not to emit harmful levels of chemicals into the air. New products, including mattresses, can often "off-gas" VOCs into your home; however, our Sealy® Naturals™ Collection was independently verified to be safe and low-emitting.

The perfect combination of “good for you” and “good for the planet” has finally arrived! Learn how you can sleep better – naturally – here.

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