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Pairing Your Sealy® with an Adjustable Base or Flat Foundation

— by Sealy on Jul 20, 2022

There are several things to consider as you shop for a new bed set, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in mattress research – understandably. While testing out mattresses may seem far more enjoyable than picking out a foundation or base, the perfect partner for your new bed can play a crucial role in your overall sleep experience. But how do you choose? Does it really matter whether you select a flat foundation or an adjustable base? Let’s explore the options.

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Foundation vs. Adjustable Base – what’s the difference?

Customizing your perfect night’s sleep doesn’t stop when choosing a mattress—new mattress owners must pair their bed with a flat foundation or an adjustable base. Flat foundations provide a simple, more traditional experience. These offer a solid, sturdy surface to support your mattress properly and are placed directly on top of your bed frame, taking the place of a traditional box spring.

If you want to enhance your sleep setup, an adjustable base might be for you. Providing more personalized, luxurious comfort, adjustable bases allow for head and foot elevation and zero gravity positions. Some models, like the Ergo® and Ergo® Extend, include additional features for massage, automatic snore detection, and more!

Which base is best for me?

Ease® Power Base: A classic option with the essential functions of an adjustable base.

  • Head and Foot Lifts: Gives you control of your sleeping space, with nearly unlimited head and foot positions for reading, watching TV, working, and so much more.
  • Zero Gravity Preset: Elevates your head and feet, closely simulating weightlessness. Helps take the pressure off your back while you sleep.
  • Additional Features: Adjustable legs and a wireless remote.

Ergo® Power Base: A more advanced model that includes the features above, plus premium technologies like QuietMode™ and two-zone massage.

  • QuietMode™: Gently tilts your mattress to an anti-snore position.
  • 2-Zone Massage: Unwind with a soothing two-zone massage (one zone at the head and one at the foot) with three intensity levels.
  • Additional Features: USB ports and under-bed lighting.

Ergo® Smart Base: Offers the same advanced technology as the Ergo® Power Base, plus all-night insights to monitor and adjust the base depending on how you sleep. This lets you see metrics about your sleep and coaching tips in one easy-to-use app.

Ergo® Extend Smart Base: The most elite power base option offers innovative technologies and includes all the features above, plus Pillow Tilt and a PerfectSeat™ preset that allows you to relax in more natural positions.

  • PerfectSeat™: Optimizes the shape of your mattress for ultimate comfort.
  • 4-Zone Massage: Enhance your mattress massage with four massage zones — two at the head and two at the feet — and three intensity levels.

In addition to supplying you with maximum comfort, the benefits of using an adjustable base can span beyond the remote control. Certain positions and settings of an adjustable base can also aid with health concerns.


Most everyone knows how difficult it can be to deal with snoring, whether you suffer from snoring, or your partner, spouse, or roommate snores. Utilizing your base to elevate your head slightly can relieve snoring by alleviating pressure from your airway. The same is true for those who suffer from sleep apnea. This can help you or the snorer in your life catch some extra Zzzs.

Physical Assistance

For those who are physically restricted, having an adjustable base can assist with getting in and out of bed with ease. A base can also help you quickly adjust for reading, watching TV, or lying down.

Acid Reflux

Several triggers can cause acid reflux, including sleeping flat. Sleeping with your head slightly raised can help ease the pain caused by acid reflux. Utilizing your adjustable base to lift your head is a great option, allowing you to use your favorite pillow and stay comfortable – rather than stacking several pillows under your head and having them slide around all night.

Back Pain

We’ve discussed the benefits of sleeping with your head raised, but what about having your feet raised? If you struggle with sciatica or leg swelling, you might benefit from sleeping with your legs elevated. For those with back pain, lying flat can lead to discomfort. Elevating your feet can decrease the pressure applied to your back and joints, making it easier to relax for a full night’s sleep. The zero-gravity setting on our adjustable bases is a perfect option for those struggling with back pain, as the position simulates weightlessness and alleviates pressure.

If you’ve considered investing in your health by pairing your mattress with an adjustable base, why wait? To learn more about our bases, click here.


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