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DIY Projects – Repurposing Your Favorite Bedding Items

— by Sealy on Jun 2, 2023

It happens over time, your most beloved pillows start to flatten, your sheets begin to wear thin, or you have one too many stains on your favorite blanket. You put so much time and effort into finding the right bedding to complete your sleep experience and create the perfect night's sleep. Rather than throwing out old bedding, repurposing it is a great way to reuse, recycle, and get more out of the products you've invested in.

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Here are some creative ways to recycle your old bedding:


It's no secret pets can be the #1 pillow stealers. One way to repurpose your pillows is to turn them into a pet bed. Used pillows are great for adding a layer of comfort to their crates or current bed. If you often travel with your pet, having a designated bed or pillow for your car is a great way to keep them settled during the ride. Not to mention your pillow will smell like you, which creates a sense of connection and comfort for your pet.

Another way to repurpose your older pillows is by creating floor seat cushions. If you tend to run out of seating options when the whole family settles in for movie night, having some floor cushions for your kids is a great fix. You can even sew new fabric onto the pillow and completely refresh its look!

Lastly, weathered pillows are great for moving and packaging items if you plan on moving soon. Consider using these pillows to provide a barrier between breakables.


If you’re trying to channel your inner craft connoisseur, there are countless ways to repurpose old sheets. Some may be more advanced than others, and some options require little to no skills or supplies. For those who may lack sewing machine skills, a few simple, no-supplies needed, options include: cutting up an old sheet to create cleaning clothes or dish towels, using thick sheets as a weed guard (darker colors work best), or hanging some no-sew curtains. Lastly, you can create a knotted dog toy.*

The possibilities are endless for those who are more skilled in the sewing department. When it's time to retire your favorite sheets, you can make eco-friendly, reusable bags for grocery shopping.* These bags are much more durable than standard plastic or paper grocery bags and can be used for various needs.


Old, worn-down blankets are easier to repurpose as they don’t always require crafting to find a new use. For starters, having an emergency blanket in your car is always helpful for any inclement weather or during any travels.

It may be time for a new comforter or quilt in your bedroom, but that doesn't mean it's time to toss your old one just yet. Most of us can remember building epic blanket forts as a kid or going over to our friend's house and digging through the trunk of blankets to find the perfect one for movie night.

Having a basket of spare blankets is always a nice touch for guests and comes in handy for pets, picnics, sporting events, covering your plants from frost, or moving supplies.


If you don't have a use for your gently used bedding, there are always donation centers in need of clean, gently used bedding. These include animal shelters, homeless shelters, national disaster relief aids, the Salvation Army, women's centers, and local churches that assist their communities. If you cannot donate to these centers, you may be able to recycle your used bedding. It’s best to check with your local recycling company for guidelines when recycling bedding.

No one likes the thought of clutter building up in their home. Next time you find yourself with extra retired bedding lying around, you can use these tips and tricks to give them a new purpose.


*The Spruce

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